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Willkommen!! Welcome!!


current mood: ...okay...
momentary action: looking for new yaoi pictures... =^__^=
current song: all Naruto Opening and Endings
last seen on TV: Star Wars Episode 1
last read: Bleach Manga Vol. 1

Hi there ^_^

Nya~~~ again: long time not seen!! ^.^`

Yesterday I went to Yami-chan... we had to begin with her new Cosplay: Sasuke in this sexy Kimono.... *smile*
And Julia-chan came to visit, too. Sheís here from Berlin and itís soooo good to see her again... ^___^
Nya~~ I really should begin with my own Kimono... I want to wear it when we went to the Hanami in April... so Iíve not to mutch time for it.....

And I decided yesterday, that I'm going to make a Naruto-Cosplay, too. It's going to be Iruka ^___^ I really like him!! I hope I could finish it until July so I could wear it to the AnimagiC.... but first I think I've got to make Syrus (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX)... ^^
27.3.06 13:22

current mood: happy
momentary action: doing nothing - today I'm lazy!!
current song: Forever Memories - w-inds.
last seen on TV: Asterix und Obelix gegen C?sar
last read: Underwater Light; Chapter 20

Hello again!!!

Yesterday was a wonderful day!!
I met Yami-chan and Milly, Soni and Andi and it was really really funny. We had to buy the material for Andis Shuichi-Cosplay and I still needed red material for Rei (damn I need this Cosplay next saturday..... and I'm still not finished >.<). Therefore we made it directly to Karstadt (the next best shopping-center) and it was really funny to watch Milly, Soni and Andi how they drove the escalators with the skates. *smirk* But to be honest: I think I couldn't manage that!! It has to be years ago that I made my last move with skates.

After we finally found what we looked for, we brought Andi, Milly and Soni to the rapid-transit railway station and then decided that we should do something against our hunger and therefore we made a small attendance at McDonalds - but not after looking for new Manga in the next bookshop (and again we noticed: we have too little money {Emotic()} our money is never sufficient, there simply too many good Manga and Animes - we must definitely win the lotterie).

Yami-chan and I spend a while eating and talking (she told me that between Kaiba-chan and her it doesn't run well again and in my opinion, Kaiba-chan makes a big mistake!! She really should look a little bit more after her friends here, there are more people except Claudi! She's soooo careless!!!)

Afterwards we went to Yami-chan - she wanted to show me Keita's new haircut (uwaaaaah!!! the poor boy!!! what the hell had they done with him?!?) and the pictures from the first SSCT and the Conneko. It's really sad that I couldn't come with them, it would have been a lot of fun. {Emotic()}

I loved the time with her and I'm so happy to meet her again in a few days!!! That'll make my week!!

Today, I'm alone at home. My mother decided to visit her mother and Tabea and Daniel went with her. So I'm able to listen to w-inds. with nobody to say: "Urgh! What the hell's that?! Ugly japanese music again?! Switch it off immediately!!"

And now: what do you get if you cross "Full Metal Alchemist" and "Harry Potter"?! A really cute picture:

It's soooo cute!! I love it!!

Have a nice day - see you soon!!
12.6.05 17:55

current mood: tired
momentary action: download Naruto OVA (totally slowly)
current song: Ready Steady Go - L'Arc ~ en ~ ciel
last seen on TV: news
last read: a few pages from Dan Browns "Illuminati"

today was great!!

I'd loved to see Marik-chan again after we hadn't seen us for more than two month!!

first of all we went directly into the nearest McDonald's cause we both hadn't had anything eaten... (hey, that's important!! you can't talk that much like we did it with a hole in your belly)
then we went to the next bookshop, looking out for new mangas.... but we didn't find the thinks we're searching for.... after that we decided to go to "Galeria Kaufhof" to look for her Cho-Cosplay-Skirt she needed but didn't find something... typicall!! Everytime you need something you didn't find it.... and when you're not looking out for it there it is... *sigh*

she showed me where she studied - there's a great view from the Library, i think i couldn't learn anything there cause of the view. we had to walk uphill in the very, very hot sun without any shadows but that view was worth it!
and the student dwelling she lives is very nice (many anime-posters and wallscrolls, a big poster from the japan touristics with two children in traditional clothes, and a few photos with friends). I liked her room!

no wonder that I'm exhausted after that day!!

But I loved it - hope to replay it soon!!
3.6.05 21:37

current mood: bored
momentary action: researching for school-project
current song: -
last seen on TV: CSI
last read: a silly Harry Potter-Fanfiction

hehe, in a few hours I'm visiting my "secret Date" - Marik-chan!! *squeal*
I haven't seen her in ages!! that means, today is going to be wonderfull and the weather is wonderfull too - blue sky without clouds and the sun is shining!!
3.6.05 10:06

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