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Well, I decided to only use my LiveJournal because it's to troublesome to keep both, LJ and myblog...
So, please go here: lapis@livejournal

But I won't delete this account; maybe I feel like posting every now and then...

See you on LiveJournal,
10.2.08 14:34

Merry Christmas

Iíll hope all of you have wonderful Christmas days with your families.

The last week was... stressful.
Marlin and Joseph decided to recondition their living room so I had to look after Maja Ė except on Wednesday; that day I spent with my Mom and her friends Renate and Gabi because we had to bake cookies for Christmas.

Yesterday we had Christmas dinner at my Moms place. Since my sisters couldn't come it was one of the quietest Christmas Eves ever!! But today they are here... and Tabea is really bitchy. My grandmother and Erich were here, too. It's been quite a while since I last saw them. And my mothers new boyfriend came an hour ago. He's staying until Friday or so... and then my Mom is going with him to spent Silvester and New Year at his place.

Oh, and my Dad is ill. He caught a cold with high fever.
25.12.07 17:40

Talk about the last days...

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momentary action: _feeding my sisters neopet_
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...letís start with Friday. I went to my Momís place because my stupid DVD-player is broken and not fixed jet, and I had the urge to watch the Death Note movies... Since my brother used the computer she watched with me Ė it was funny, she only knows a few english words so I had simultaneously to translate everything for her. We only watched the first movie because it was late and I had to get up early the other day.

Well, Saturday I went to the Yuki-Con in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen. I went to met Seto-chan!! Havenít seen her since... I guess it was March or April. We didnít do cosplay. We talked about it before but I felt kinda lazy and didnít even finish my cosplay and she had school before the convention and so on... so we just went there as ourself.
The Yuki-Con is a small convention, but itís nice that way, you got more time to get to know new people and you can watch the shows in the main-hall and whatever else. Everytime I went to bigger conventions itís hard to finde time to talk to people or go watch a show, because there are so much things to look through and buy (if you have the money, that is; itís always so expensive).
Back to the Yuki-Con: I watched the Kendo-Show (inadvertently; I wanted to watch the cosplay competition but got the wrong time Ė and I found out later that it was canceled because of lack of people or whatever else reason they had) which was interesting.
Oh, when I was waiting for Seto to come I met Jaunty. And later, we saw her again and decided to drag her along... we went to watch the first two episodes of Tales of Symphonia together.
Things I bought:
- three very cute Prince of Tennis pins

- a Shikamaru phone-strap

- Hunter x Hunter pencilboard (and yes, I just bought that because it has Kuroro and Kurapica together on it (Killua and Gon on the other side)
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
And I got that Yorozu-Ya Tokaido Honpo pencilboard from Seto! She bought it as a christmas gift for her friend or cousin (Iím not sure about that... but I guess it was her cousin because she wanted the last xxxHoliC episodes for her friend) and showed it to me and I was going like ďawwwww, how cute!! Itís shame that there are only a few people knowing about this manga!! I love it!Ē Ė and so I got it as a late birthday-gift!
Free Image Hosting at

Sunday there was the christmas party of the fire-brigade. I had to attend because my Dad promised me hell if I didnít. It was pretty boring; at least Sven was there too.

Monday I went to Marlin. I promised her helping with this christmas gift for her fiance. She want to give him a few black and white photos of her in this cute frame she got. And since she canít photograph herself, I have to do it. It was pretty funny looking for a sexy pose for the nude one. After that we went to pick up Maja from Kindergarten and had lunch together.

Tuesday I did nothing. No, really, I was lazy as hell and just read a few fanfictions and then went to my Mom to watch the second Death Note film (and I forgot to take tissues with me for the end because I still start crying when L dies... *sniff* yeah, yeah, I know what youíre all thinking but bite me!)

Yesterday I went with my Mom to Stuttgart and after that meeting of hers we went to eat at Rice Mans. I really love it there! And after that we met Seto! We spent a lot of time walking the christmas market and then went into a few shops to look for christmas gifts. Mom was looking for a gift for her boyfriend; Seto was looking for something for her Mom... only I didnít have to look for anything because Iíve already anything I need.

And today... Oh well, lets just say it was another lazy day... I had to make a few calls because of my job interview tomorrow but the rest of the day I spent reading fanfiction. And I have to admitt... I was reading South Park Fanfictions. I donít even like South Park. I only endet up reading this one fanfiction Jaunty had an link to on her animexx-profile... and after I finished this one, I ended up reading the next one... and then the next one... But they were really well written so I just couldnít stop reading.
And maybe it's because I've read all of the good fanfics concerning my favourite parings...

13.12.07 18:39

odd pairings

current mood: _confused_
momentary action: _reading fanfiction_
current song: _james blunt-all the lost souls (right now itís song #03 Iíll take everything) Ė I swear, I just LOVE his songs and his voice..._

Tuesday was my Dadís birthday and we had a lot of people dropping by; I was so busy preparing anything over the day and playing host that after the last guest went home I fell asleep instantly.

Yesterday I was lazy as hell and didnít get much done. Though I nearly finished writing another Chapter for my ďFirst Times TroublesĒ-Fanfiction (which I still have to post here, but I do that when I finished the complete fanfiction).

Well, today I came across an Sasuke/Iruka-Fanfiction Ė and I just HAD to read it! Iíve never come across this pairing before; I canít even imagine why people would pair the two of them together. I understand why Kakashi and Sasuke or Iruka and Naruto, but Sasuke/Iruka is just a mystery to me.
So, to satisfy my curiosity, I read the whole Fanfiction (27 Chapters... LONG Chapters). It was nice. Sometimes a little bit to kinky for my liking, but nevertheless, nice.
If you want to read it, follow the link
Oh, and itís AU by the way...

There are a lot of pairings I donít quite understand who people would come to think of getting them together. Not just Sasuke/Iruka (just to stay in the Naruto-Fandom) but how about Gaara and Kiba? Iím not saying itís bad or something (Iíve read quite a few good Gaara/Kiba-fics), but I just donít understand why! There is not the slightest hinting in the series that there could be something more going on between them (unlike our oh-so-favorite Sasu/Naru / Naru/Sasu). Or am I just to blind to see it?? I doubt that, though...
6.12.07 19:29

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