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Willkommen!! Welcome!!

name: Jennifer
nicknames: Jenny, Lapis (at Animexx: Je-chan)
birthday: November 1st
family: I live with my dad, but Iíve also two sisters (living at their work-place) and three brothers (living with my mom)
Iím from Germany Ė I live in a small town and everybody thinks itís in France when they hear the name...

Iím shy and quiet when it comes to people I donít know, but if Iím warming up to someone, I can talk for hours (if itís about something I really love, like anime and manga...).
I donít like huge crowds (exept when Iím attending a Convention with lots of cosplayers to take pictures from) so you often find me alone or with a small group of 3-4 people.
I like taking pictures from other people but I hate it to have pictures taken from me.

The picture here ^ was taken during my time at the dancing-school (the guy was my dancing-partner, great dancer but other than that... oh, well, couldnít be helped).

Where to find me online, you ask?
Take a look:

INP-Forums English Ė since October 2007
The Evil Empire English Ė since August 2007
Believe Manga English Ė since April 2007
SV Loyalty English Ė since January 2007
Aarinfantasy English (yaoi/shonen-ai) Ė since December 2005
Shonen Ai Dreams German (yaoi/shonen-ai) Ė since November 2005

Wanna know even more?
Look here for the things I like and love
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