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Willkommen!! Welcome!!

current mood: exited
momentary action: writing stupid things
current song: -
last seen on TV: CSI
last read: mail from Sabi-chan

oh my dear!!
now it's sure: the end of the wolrd is near - i'm going to write my own blog!! and -to make it even worse- i'm going to write it in english and i'm totally not good in this
but i hope it's going to be better and better, so don't flee!!
2.6.05 19:46

current mood: bored
momentary action: researching for school-project
current song: -
last seen on TV: CSI
last read: a silly Harry Potter-Fanfiction

hehe, in a few hours I'm visiting my "secret Date" - Marik-chan!! *squeal*
I haven't seen her in ages!! that means, today is going to be wonderfull and the weather is wonderfull too - blue sky without clouds and the sun is shining!!
3.6.05 10:06

current mood: tired
momentary action: download Naruto OVA (totally slowly)
current song: Ready Steady Go - L'Arc ~ en ~ ciel
last seen on TV: news
last read: a few pages from Dan Browns "Illuminati"

today was great!!

I'd loved to see Marik-chan again after we hadn't seen us for more than two month!!

first of all we went directly into the nearest McDonald's cause we both hadn't had anything eaten... (hey, that's important!! you can't talk that much like we did it with a hole in your belly)
then we went to the next bookshop, looking out for new mangas.... but we didn't find the thinks we're searching for.... after that we decided to go to "Galeria Kaufhof" to look for her Cho-Cosplay-Skirt she needed but didn't find something... typicall!! Everytime you need something you didn't find it.... and when you're not looking out for it there it is... *sigh*

she showed me where she studied - there's a great view from the Library, i think i couldn't learn anything there cause of the view. we had to walk uphill in the very, very hot sun without any shadows but that view was worth it!
and the student dwelling she lives is very nice (many anime-posters and wallscrolls, a big poster from the japan touristics with two children in traditional clothes, and a few photos with friends). I liked her room!

no wonder that I'm exhausted after that day!!

But I loved it - hope to replay it soon!!
3.6.05 21:37

current mood: neutral
momentary action: cooking
current song: Incomplete (Backstreet Boys)
last seen on TV: don't know what it was..... (hey, I'm old, how can you expect that I could remember something like that?!)
last read: newspaper

Puh, the weekend was so busy!!

On saturday I had planed to visit Seto-chan.... but I couldn't because we painted the living room from my father while he was with the colleagues of the fire-brigade on a trip (normally I would have gone along with them, but I do not like long drives so I stay at home....).
And then, in the afternoon, I wanted to be completely lazy and read one of my new Mangas, as my mum sent my shopping. *sigh* But I bought the first and second Harry Potter DVD so it wasn't all that bad.
So I spent the night with watching Harry Potter..... (did I ever mention that I love Harry Potter?! I'm a Harry x Draco-Slasher )

Sunday I planed to be lazy but since I had had a math test today I spent a few hours learning.... and then my little brother ask me, if I could learn english with him, he wrote an test today, too. *sigh*
So I was a good little girl and learned with him....
And then.... I spent a few hours doing nothing but reading FanFictions..... (because my mum was at the pc flirting via internet I couldn't look for new ones so I read the old ones....)

Okay, now something I love:

this is one of my favourite fanarts of Yami Bakura (Yu-Gi-Oh!)!! If I would see him posing like this.....
It seems like he would like to say: come and join me!! We are going to be the new rulers of the world!!
I really love this guy - too bad he's only an anime charakter.....

Woah, my little brother want to have his lunch so I better keep on going to feed this monster..... before he eats me!! *_*
6.6.05 12:31

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