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Willkommen!! Welcome!!

current mood: childish
momentary action: break
current song:
last seen on TV:
last read: Eerie Queerie *snicker*

I'm back again!!!
The last weeks were absolutle terrible!!!
No Internet - no phone calls - no going out - no doing anything exept staying at home and get bored.
But now I'm back to my old self again and continue annoying everyone! *smirk*

So, what's new to tell you?!
Saturday, a few friends of mine (and a few people I didn't know ^.^) went to Stuttgart and visiting the "Terrakotta army" which was very interesting. I mean, to make such detailed and life-large figures... it's really amazing!!
After that we went to the Animexx-Grill-Party. It was funny.... meeting all the people with (more or less) the same interests as you and to my own surprise I met Jessie-chan there, too. Although she lives in the town next to mine we didn't seen us very often and I was pleased to met her, to talk with her about all things that happend between our last meeting and now.

Kya~~ah!!! Animagic is in a few weeks and Seto-chan just told me last week that we're Participant with the cosplay-competition!!!! And now we're going to decide what we will do on the stage!! I'm a little bit nervous by now because this is Germanys biggest Convention so far and not knowing what to do feels a bit stange. In January, when we applied because of the participation, we knew exactly, what we wanted to perform - but they didn't want us. *pout* And now it's to late to make the dolls we needed... so we had to think about something new!!

Yesterday night I was online and gladly found a few new Full Metal Alchemist-Doujinshis. I love Alphonse and Edward!! They're sooooooooo cute together!!! And I don't like Roy Mustang... I really don't like him at all!! But I have a few Roy x Edo-Doujinshis as well because a friend of mine like that pairing, so I share it with her.

Kya~~~ah!! Seto-chan gave me last week a linkt to a Kai-H-game (which I can't play yet, because our java-script isn't installed - thanks to my damn brother *hate him*) and there I found a few supercute paintings from Kai-chan - like this one:

12.7.05 15:26

current mood: childish (as always *smile*)
momentary action: looking for some new Kyou Kara Maou Pictures =^.^=
current song: You?re not me (Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie-Soundtrack)
last seen on TV: er? I think that was CSI Miami on Tuesday
last read: Kazuma Kodaka: Kusatta Kyoushi no Houteishiki Vol. 1

Kyaaa~~ the day before yesterday evening, my friend Marlin called and asked: ?Maja (her little sugar-sweet daughter) want to see you ? come over?!?
How am I, to not stoped by since I only need 4 minutes to go to her place?! Beside, I haven?t seen her and Maja since last week Thursday!!
I love Maja. She?s such a sweet little girl, two and a half years old. And I tought her a few japanese words: ?bish?nen? and ?baka? *smile*
Yesterday I visit them again and my sister (Majas aunt) was there, too. And sweet Maja-chan called her the whole time ?baka?!!!! It was soooo funny!!! First, we thought she did this because it?s a new word for her, but? she knows exactly the meaning from the two words, cause I have a few pictures on my bag from the Gundam Wing boys and she smiled and sayed ?bish?nen?!!
Everytime I see Maja-chan, I know I would love to have a little children, they?re so adorable?. But then?. I know how teribble she could be!!! ^^;;

Today?s soooooo hot!! I hate it, when the weather?s like this!! I love wintertime?. Everywhere pure white snow?. And it?s soooo cool!! Damn summer >.<
Hope, it?s a little bit cooler tomorrow?.

Yeah!!! In a few days "Harry Potter and the halfblood prince" is on sale!! At least!!! And in the cinema, Seto-chan and I had seen the preview for the "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire"!!! I'd looking forward to see this film......
14.7.05 19:37

current mood: a little bit tired, a litte bit bored
momentary action: update my homepage
current song: the radio?s on?. so nothing special
last seen on TV: Harry Potter
last read: Eerie Queerie (can?t get enough ? it?s soooo cool!)

Yeah!!! Weekend!! (but damn! it's nearly over *sigh*)
And I was really busy today. But now?s time to relax? I plan to do nothing the whole day?. And tomorrow I planed to sew the last little bit at my costume.

My sister was here yesterday?. Okay, she lives here but to me it seems like she lives at her friends, because she?s only once a week at home?.. and when she?s here all she does is complain. I really hate her. So usually when I know she?s at home, I?d like to be faaaaar away?. But yesterday I had no luck -.-
She?s really annoying?. Everytime she?s complaining about my hobbys or my outfit or the music I hear?. Or what I had cooked for lunch ? like yesterday. She has no respect ? I?m the older one!! And it?s not my problem if she doesn?t like what I love?. Should stay away from me if this bother her that much!!

Yesterday evening, I decided, that it?s time to update my homepage?. The last update I made was 2003!!! Very long ago?. I should be ashamed!! Now I decided, to make a new layout and a few new categories to make my side interesting again?. And my gallery is super-new, too. It?s a lot of work to do, but I hope that I could finish it tomorrow evening? maybe today?? If my brother don?t drop by an want to use our Internet for his stupid stuff?.

Yeah!! I?ve got ?Harry Potter and the Half-blood prince?! But I haven?t had the time to read even a little bit -.- Maybe tonight?. It?s so hot, I can?t sleep so why not read a good book?!
17.7.05 13:52

current mood: tierd
momentary action: ----
current song: the radio?s on?. so nothing special
last seen on TV: ----
last read: Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince

I finally made it and read Harry Potter 6!!
It was?.. wow!! OMG!!
Harry's sooooo obsessed with Draco *smirk*
And I hate Ginny even much more >.<

Wednesday my dear Seto-chan had her 19. Birthday!! *congratulation again*
I visit her and we watched ?Madagaskar? (after hours of manga-shopping?) It?s soooo funny!!! The penguins are the best!! *smile*. After the cinema we met her mother and went shopping again (a gift for her nii-san (his birthday was earlyer in Juli) who droped by later), got an Milkshake from McD. and then drove home to her where we played her new DungeonDiceMonsters-Game. It was funny and I won!! *hahahahaha*

On Friday, my mothers friend from Cologne came to visit over the weekend. >.<
I?m sooo glad that I had a busy weekend so I haven?t met her often?. *smile*

Friday night I baby-sit my nighbours children ? Sarah and Simon. They could be really nice, but on this day?.. they were sooo troublesome. After an hour I wish I could buy them an one-way ticket to the backside of the moon!!
Sometimes I really hate children.

Saturday I met an old schoolmate of mine. He was in the class above mine and in 8 Grad I had a little crush on him?.. only for 6 or 7 month - he was an really nice and handsome guy.
I haven?t seen him for 6 years and it was a little bit?. funny to see him now.
I met him because the company my dad works had an traditional ceremony for those which terminated their training (it?s called ?Gautsche? ? really funny *smile*) and we ?the voluntarily fire-brigade- were the those which provided meals and drinking.
And now, my back hurts terrible!! Because we ?that means Annika, Sven and me- had to develop and diminish 50 beer table sets. And all our strong men made themselves cosy it with a beer. Damn them!

Today I had to get up early again (so I hadn?t much sleep again ? only three hours) because of the ?child-church? ? but it was nice with the childs and it was the last time before our summer break.
After that I visit Marlin and Maja to hear about ther holidays. We take a loooong walk ? ?til it started to rain.

And now, my room waits for me to clean him?. but I really don?t want to. I?m in pain and want to be lazy this evening. I think, I'm going to read "Lieber Philip".... (a book I lent from Seto-chan)
24.7.05 18:59

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