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Willkommen!! Welcome!!

current mood: exhausted
momentary action: looking for Cosplay-photos
current song: Prince of Tennis ? Dreaming on the radio
last seen on TV: Rumble in the Bronx
last read: Der mechanische Prinz

Now, I have time to write my AnimagiC-2005-Report!! *smile*

Friday, 2005-07-29
It was an very busy morning >.<
My ?dear? (sarcastic, if you didn?t notice) brother droped his juice and ruined my Ryou Bakura ?Change of Heart?-Cosplay ? and one sleeve of my Ray Kon-Cosplay, too, but I used the time I had to sew it again. But I hadn?t time to do my wig, so that I must drive in civilian to the AnimagiC ;_;
At the station I met Seto-chan and R-chan and we had a funny time in the IC, drawing an Beyblade doujinshi (it was horrible for me, because the train shakes every time I try to draw sweet Ray >.<)
After nearly 3 hours in the train (we were late because of problems) we went straight to our hotel, left our luggage in our room and went to the Rhein-Mosel-Halle.
After we get our Con-Paket (the ticket was an tattoo ? really stupid if you ask me, but?. we sprayed it with hair lacquer, thus it held the whole weekend) we went straight into the hall and looked after doujinshis ^_^ I bought two sweeeeeeet Digimon Frontier Doujinshis, an cute Hunter x Hunter-Doujinshi and an two Yu-Gi-Oh!-Doujinshis *smile like the cheshire cat * And an Artbook whit supercute bishounen!! And two yaoi-mangas!!
At 6:00 pm we went to the meeting. It wasn?t that good I hoped it would be. A little bit boring, since we all splitt and sit in little groups?. But I met Cat in the web!! She?s sooo nice, I like her. And her storys are soooooo good!!
Kaiba-chan and Yami-chan and Shi_Tsumi-chan were there, too, I loved to see them. Kaiba-chan was dressd as Ritsuka from Loveless ? a sweet little cat *smile* Seeing her made me wanna stroke her behind the ears ? I like cats a lot!
Went to sleep at ? don?t know exactly?. 1:00 am?!

Saturday, 2005-07-30
We get up at 6:30 am because Seto-chan helped me with my wig (love you forever for that, you know?! *cuddles*) As we wet to breakfast, the nice woman from the hotel asked us, why we didn?t wear our Cosplay-Outfit, she would like to see it. We promised her to wear it Sunday morning ? I?ve never thougth someone ?normal? would like to see us dressed like this *laugh* I thougth, we would shock the other guests if we do?.
Back at the AnimagiC we met Naboru-chan in her Blue Eyes White Dragon-Cosplay and took a few pictures from her ? it was amazing!! We walked her back to her car and helped her getting undressed because she couldn?t do it alone (oi, I know what you?re thinking now, hentai!!)
We talked to a group of Beyblade-Groupies, constituted a date for the group photos and went in the hall (I bought two nice keyholders ? one from Full Metal Alchemist the other from Clamp?s RG Veda), watching the 8. Conan movie ? it was really thrilling at a few scenes? I loved to see it!! The original voices are sooooo great!!
After that we walked through the hall, looking for interesting things to buy and talking about this and that. Then, we watched Episode one and two from Prince of Tennis ? I think, I like it a lot! Ryoma has scary eyes? but I like him, he?s sooooo cool!!
The next meeting was as boring as the one before and we didn?t spend much time there ? because we went to the Beyblade-Fan-Meeting. It was funny, there was a crazy Tala (original: Yuriy) and it was funny taking the pictures.
During the day I met Yami-chan and Kaiba-chan, but only once and it was a short meeting, too. But we take a nice picture of them! *smile*
And I met Marik-chan!! I?m so sorry that we hadn?t time to chat, I haven?t seen her for weeks!! ;_;
After that we (Seto-chan and me) went to watch the Naruto-Movie and R-chan decided to go back to the hotel. The movie was? great!! And slashy!! Seto-chan is SasuNaru-obsessed (*grin*) and I think?. I start beeing obsessed, too! They are so?. uhm? can?t discribe it. The short special was the best, it was sooooo funny!
Back at the hotel, we spoke about our Cosplay-performance. We only knew what we would like to do, but nothing more. So we spent an hour or so to write an script. It was funny and I like our Ideas much. After that, we spent a few hours reding our doujinshis and mangas, then we went to sleep ? at 1:30 am!!!

Sunday, 2005-07-31
The last AnimagiC-Day!!! ;_;
We got up at 7:00 am and went down to breakfast, dressed in our costumes. It was funny, all the ?normal? people staring at us. The nice woman from Saturday liked our costumes? but I think the others found it a little bit insane *grin*
After breakfast, we practice our Cosplay-performance ? first it was a little? hmm? chaotically but after a few tries, it was nearly perfect.
First, we went to the last meeting but didn?t spent much time there, because we wanted to visit the Fan-Art- Exhibition in the ?Kurf?rstlichem Schloss?, went to the ?Bring-and-Buy?-room (where I bought an sweet RyouxJounouchi-Doujinshi) and then we had to go because of the Group-Cosplay. We must wait loooooong and it was sooooo hot and my feets hurts and I was tired and and and. I didn?t feel well, but after our number was called and we went backstage, I start feeling better. Our appearance was funny (I think, because the audience laughed a lot) but R-chan forget her text somewhere and we had to improvise - but it went very well.
After the Group-Cosplay we went to the ?Kurf?rstlichem Schloss? again and met Yami-chan and Kaiba-chan (they cosplayed Edo-chan and Roy from Full Metal Alchemist ? with very slashy and interesting RoyxEdo-Marks on their backs)
Shi_Tsumi-chan was there, too, and she told us, that she had recorded the Group-Cosplay and liked our performance.
I met Julie-san there ? haven?t seen her since January!! She was there in her Slytherin-Cosplay, it was cute. I would have liked to talk to her, but we had to go to the Rhein-Mosel-Halle because of the Awards from the Group-Cosplay. After that we wanted to go sing Karaoke ? but we were to late!!
We had to leave the AnimagiC early because our train back leaves Koblenz at 6:17 pm, but befor we went to the station, I bought a sweet Aru-chan-plushie! He?s soooo cute, holding a little cat in his hand. Sadly I didn?t find an Edo-chan who I like ? maybe next time.
Seto-chan and I wanted to take some fanservice-picturs in the train, but?. There was an old lady in ther, too, so we decided to wait with the picturs till someday else.
My dad picked me up at the bus-station in Leonberg and drove me home, since my mum wasn?t there this weekend, too. He looked as if he thought I?m insane as I stand in front of him in my costume ? but I really didn?t care. All I wanted to do at this moment was to go to sleep because I was sooooo tired.

So, hope I didn?t forget something important?.
All in all it was a nice, stressfull weekend I?ve enjoyed very much and I?m looking forward to the AnimagiC 2006!

Today was really busy. My mom?s going to Baden Baden for three weeks and because of that we had to do a lot of things ? like going to the supermarket, doing her laundry, copy a few documents she needs, and so on and on.
I think, the next weeks are going to be very relaxed. My little brothers are away, too, and next week Friday my yungest sister?s going on holidays, too. So it?s only Miriam and I who stay at home ? hope she didn?t invite her psycho-friends, I hate them all!! There all about drugs and sex and going out all night and they like to listen to the uglyest music you can imagin.
So I planed to visit Seto-chan a few times, going to Yami-chan because of a w-inds.-night and a Bollywood-night, meeting other yaoi-freaks in Stuttgart?. Something like that.
And I hope that Seto-chan could stay at my house once or twice (we wanted to go out, but? after last weekend we both had no money?. *sigh*)
Anyway, I?m sure I?m going to enjoy the next weeks ? I could use the PC and the internet all alone!!! *grin*
3.8.05 18:15

current mood: tiered
momentary action: trying not to fall asleep
current song: nothing ? have headache >.<
last seen on TV: Spy Kids (never seen something so silly? but Maja-chan liked it)
last read: an E-Mail from my mother

Hi! It?s me again!! You can?t get rid of me? *grin*

I really hate my sister Miriam. I do!! I hate her more than my little brother who ruined my cosplay last weekend.

Miriam have had a party since Thursday? and I haven?t had any sleep ? only a few hours today >.<
I hate the people she?s invited?.. So Thursday I went to Marlin and baby sit her little daughter till 2:00 am. I hoped that my sisters party would be over now, but no luck!! Try to sleep with an house full of crazy drunken people and the terriblest musik you can imagine!!
Friday I visit Seto-chan and we had an lazy but verry funny day, waching ?Saiyuki Reloaded? with the German Dub ? it was soooooo scary hearing Seto Kaibas voice like that!!! I was at home at 11:15 pm and thougt that they had finished the party now ? but again no luck!! It?s really strange to come home and all the people looking at you like you?re not supposed to be there!!
Yesterday I baby sit Maja-chan again ? because Marlin went to Duisburg to wach the VfB Stuttgart play agains Duisburg (1:1 because of the referee, he?s hated by thousands of fans by now?.). She was back today mornig at 4:00 am and I went home ? the fist thing I saw turning on the lights was an half naked guy in our living room!!!!! @.@
But ? lucky for me ? they had finished the party and were all asleep ? so that I could take a nap, too!! I?ve sleeped till now but I still feel like I am abel to sleep 24 hours.
I really look forward for my mother coming back from Baden-Baden ? because my sisters friends drank their Liquor ? which she store for special events.

Today I plan to do nothing but all the thinks I like. I want to look out for new Manga-Scanlations and Doujinshis, new Fanarts and Fanfictions and then I put it all together for Seto-chan ? because I visit her tomorrow again!!!! *smile*
7.8.05 11:02

current mood: not discribeabel
momentary action: download new doujinshis?
current song: -
last seen on TV: the news
last read: Manga ? Kleiner Schmetterling (little butterfly)

Hello everyone!!!
How are you doing?!

Till yesterday my week was great!! *big smile* But now I?m ill! *sniff*

At Monday I visit Seto-chan. It was great as always ? all chatting an giggling and laughing and looking at yaoi-pictures, drawing scary Beyblad-Fanarts (woah, I really can?t belive I draw Rei-chan like that!!) and writing our 4-site-long AnimagiC-Report?. It?s so sad that the day only had 24 hours? -.-

At Tusday I met Yami-chan. I haven?t seen her since the AnimagiC (and there I only saw her for short times), so I really enjoyed it. We met in Stuttgart and went to buy new Mangas ? and we wanted to buy the ?Mega Hiro? (an German Anime-Magazine for Kids (sometimes in these kind of magazines are rellay ambiguous pictures and sentences? *grin*)) because there?s a Millenniumspuzzle with the magazine, but we didn?t finde one >.< Sell out, I think, because everybody want?s to have one Millenniumspuzzle.
After that we went looking for all we need to begin with her Cosplay ? she wants to go as Sora from Kingdom Hearts II to the Connichi in September, so we really needed to begin with it, since she?s going on a German-Tour next week.
Later, she showed me a really super-cute w-inds.-clip ? they are sooooooo kawaii!!! Keita ? sleevless and somewhat sexy?. *drools*

Yesterday, I upload my first doujinshi (here, if you want to take a look: first doujinshi ).
It?s from Digimon Frontier ? Takuya and Kouji. It?s only one site so it?s nothing good or special, but?. its my first one I ever made (exept from that one, I draw with R-chan and Seto-chan while we were on our train to the AnimagiC ? klick here, if you want to see that one: second doujinshi )
I like Takuya x Kouji, but I also like Takuya x Kouji x Kouichi and Kouichi x Kouji.
The next one is nearly ready to be uploaded and its Takuya x Kouji again? But my third one will be Kouichi x Kouji, I promised myself.

Yesterday mornig, I got an gb-entry from my dear friend Marik-chan. I thought she would bee in holidays till Sunday, but one of her friends has to go to work, so she came back earlier. I meet her next week at our Harry x Draco-Fanmeeting *grin* I haven?t seen her since the AnimagiC, and ther I only meet her for short times ? ther was even no time for taking a picture!!! *sniff* And I liked her Marik-Summer-Love-Edition-Cosplay? it was sooooo cute!!!

Oh, by the way: Cosplay? use this link, if you want to see a few Cosplay-Fotos from me? ^_^

Hehehe, since today, I have two Millennium-Items!! My dad bought the ?Mega Hiro? for me ? and now I have the Millenniumsring and the Millenniumspuzzle!!
12.8.05 22:43

current mood: nya~~ still tired----
momentary action: download Anime ^_^
current song: ?Hikari no Saki? ? Tenipuri Tezuka Kunimitsu
last seen on TV: don?t know?.. maybe the news?.?!
last read: lots of Tenipuri-Fanfictions *smile*

Hello again!

This week was soooo lazy... I didn?t do anything ^_^

I was ill until Tuesday so I couldn?t visit Seto-chan or go to the Harry/Draco-Meeting ? and that?s what really sucks!! I was looking forward to it because I?d love to see my friends again and have all the little talks and a lot of fun, but NO, I was ill and alone at home >.<
So I watched ?Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban?, made a few Yu-Gi-Oh!-Quiz
(here to find, but only in German:
Yu-Gi-Oh!-Quiz 1
Yu-Gi-Oh!-Quiz 2
Yu-Gi-Oh!-Quiz 3)
because I felt so boring and read a lot of Tenipuri-Fanfictions. *big smile*
I love Tenipuri, did I ever mention that?! My favourite pairing is Tezuka/Fuji?.. and Oishi/Eiji =^.^=
My sister?s already sick of listening to the Tenipuri-Songs I?ve downloaded, but I can?t help it, I love them ? especially ?Hikari no Saki?, ?Blood?, ?Dream Beliver? and ?Dreaming on the Radio?.

Today, my mom comes back from Baden-Baden. I?d like to have her around here again, but? *sigh* this means, that she?s going to use our Computer, too, so I?ve not much time for my stuff like the last 3 weeks?. I really should look for an own Computer??. But I?ve no money to buy one anyway >.<

I?m already looking forward to Saturday!! There?s the ?Animexx Stuttgart?-Meeting and we all are going to watch the new Anime in the cinema ? and Kaiba-chan and Seto-chan are coming, too!! I?m soooo happy to see them again!! And I?m really glad to see Kaiba-chan, because from October on she studies in Berlin ? and tha?s far away from me so that seeing her is really rare. ;_;
25.8.05 08:25

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