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Willkommen!! Welcome!!

current mood: happy
momentary action: "zipping" Digimon X-Evolution
current song: ?Blood? ? Tenipuri ? Fuji Yuuta
last seen on TV: Stargate SG 1
last read: The Hinagiku-Series from Kimera

Hello everybody!! *waves*
How are you?!
It?s a looooong time since my last entry?. So I?ve a lot to tell - but I'll make it short ^__^

Friday (26.08.) my mom went visiting her friend Rita ? and I was soooo glad about that because all she did the whole day was causing trouble. She was complaining everythin that I did (or try to do) ? and nothing I did was good enough for her. I really hope I could find a way to move out as soon as possible, because I?ve the feeling I?m going mad if I stay here to long.

Saturday (27.08.) we (that incloudes Seto-chan, Kaiba-chan and the Animexxler) went to the movies and watched the new Anime from Studio Ghibli ? ?Das wandelnde Schloss? (Howls moving castle).
It was soooooo great!!
And it was great to meet everyone again. It?s always funny ? like an old wise man said: The more, the merrier!

Monday (29.08.) my mom?s back ? and first of all she muttered about what I hadn?t done right and how she would have done it. *sigh*

Tuesday (30.08.) was Seto an mine anniversity. It was exactly one Year ago that we met (and went to the movies, watching ?Yu-Gi-Oh! - The movie?). I went visiting her and we had (as always) a lot of fun and watched a few new Kyou Kara Maou Episods (I really really love Wolfram!! There?s no one better than him!!). And she drawed me an Kai x Rei (Beyblade) picture for me!!! *squeal* So happy about that!!

Wednesday (31.08.) my mom went visiting Roland. That?s an new friend of her. Again I was really glad?

Friday (02.09.) my mom?s back, but I didn?t care (at this moment) because I visited Marlin and Maja-chan. Maja-chan?s soooo sweet. Sometimes, when she?s like that I really want to have own childrens, but then again?.. she?s so troublesome. So I?m still happy to see that little girl for a few hours ? and that?s it!

Saturday (03.09.) Setos mothers birthday!!! Concratulation!! I know that they went to Konstanz ? and the weather?s really good so they had an wonderful day (at least, that?s what Seto-chan told me).

Monday (05.09.) my mom bought an new reciever ? now I?m abel to watch the new Episodes from Yu-Gi-Oh! and One Piece *smile* And the 8. Season from Stargate ? Commando SG 1. I?m sooooo happy about that ^_____^

Wednesday (07.09.): Watched SG 1 ? Danny?s sooooo cute!! I like him. It was the terriblest Season when Jonas was in the SG 1 Team for him (I like Jonas, too, but there?s no-one better and cuter than Daniel Jackson).

Since a few weeks Seto-chan and I are trying to play Go. We both don?t know how exactly to play that game, but I played three times before and know a little bit more than Seto-chan (so I hope I win this game *smile*)?. but not nearly enough to be a good player. But only practice makes a pro, ne?! And there?s always the internet offering help?

Tomorrow I?m going to meet Kaiba-chan and Yami-chan!! I?m looking forward to see them!!
8.9.05 08:56

current mood: tired
momentary action: looking for new Digimon Frontier Pictures
current song: ?You?re not me? ? Yu-Gi-Oh! ? The movie
last seen on TV: Yu-Gi-Oh!
last read: Mail from Seto-chan

Hi there!

Hmm? to tell the truth: I?ve nothing to tell you >.<
Every new day is nearly exactly like the day before and nothing special happens.
Since today my youngest sister -Tabea- went to a workshop for a week. So I could use her room to sew my new Cosplay ? but the problem is: I didn?t find the material I need >.< I thought, red cotton shouldn?t be hard to find but? *sigh* I hope I find it tomorrow when I go to Stuttgart.

The last day I spend planing my birthday. *smile* I?m really looking forward to it. It?s so sad that Kaiba-chan couldn?t come because she?s in Berlin. But I hope, Sabi-chan could come ^___^ Haven?t seen her since January!

Ha! I?ve a MSN-Account since a few days ^___^
Only because Xany asked me to make one ? I?m such a nice person! *smile*
26.9.05 20:11

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