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Willkommen!! Welcome!!

current mood: bored
momentary action: skipping through a few Homepages
current song: ?Angel?s fall?s first? ? Nightwish
last seen on TV: CSI
last read: Mail from my cousin

Hi there!

Hmm? to tell the truth: I?ve nothing to tell you >.<
Every new day is nearly exactly like the day before and nothing special happens.
My youngest sister ?Tabea- went during the last September week to a workshop, so I thought, I could use her room to sew my new coslpay (the hakama for Kantarou) ? but the problem is: I didn?t find the material I need >.< I thought, red cotton shouldn?t be hard to find but? *sigh* The only one I found was to expencive: 35 Euro/meter!!! I?m not a millionare!!

I was in Stuttgart twice the last weeks:
?first to met Sarina-chan. I haven?t seen her since last year, so I was really exited to met her! It was nice, we went looking for our cosplay materials (we both found nothing? >.<), spend a few hours looking through the new mangas and talked a lot.
?second to met Seto-chan ^__^ I love meeting her, we have always so much to talk, even if we chatted few hours before meeting!

The last day I spend planing my birthday. *smile* I?m really looking forward to it. It?s so sad that Kaiba-chan couldn?t come because she?s in Berlin. But I hope, Sabi-chan could come ^___^ Haven?t seen her since January!

Ha! I?ve a MSN-Account since a few days ^___^
Only because Xany asked me to make one ? I?m such a nice person! *smile*
?but I?ve ?ecept her? no one to talk to?. *puppy eyes*

I spend the last hours uploading a few new fanart from me?. You wanna look?! Try here: Fanarts at Animexx
14.10.05 21:22

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