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Willkommen!! Welcome!!

current mood: tired
momentary action: download manga scanlations ^___^
current song: whatever the radio plays?
last seen on TV: uhm.. I think? the news this moring?
last read: Manga from CLAMP: ?Cause I love you


*sigh* Latly I was so lazy writing here? Sorry ^^;
Now I?ve got a lot to tell you!

So, lets start with Wednesday, 19. October:
I went to Stuttgart because I had a little date with my beloved friend Anja. Haven?t seen her since July so I was absolutly glad to meet her.
We had a lot to talk about and ? as usual ? we went ?after a little shopping ^_^- to MacDs, sit there and talk, talk, talk?
After a while, -we sat there talking innocent- there was a fangirlish squeal and Anja-chan had a armfull of Chichi-chan. She was in the city meeting her friend from swiss.
So the four of us sat there talking and swiching news.
Later we went to the station and there we met Janna and Sanna and a few minutes later Elodie-chan came, too. It was so funny; there we were, meeting all casual ^__^


The next week I was absolutly busy about my Kantarou-Cosplay. I finally found the material I need and start sewing ^__^ Although I have the material since a few days I started very late? as always. But I figured out, that I work faster and more conscientiously when I?m late ^_^
And then there came the big shock!!!
Seto-chan and I wanted to be part of the Cosplay-Competition on the YaYuCo but then I get the mail from My-chan: because of too little participation the Cosplay?s canceled!! ;_;


Monday, 31. October:
For this day I had planed to give a little Halloween-Birthday-Party with a few friends. It was really stressed because my mother wanted me to help her with the purchases ^^
But there was a light in my stressed live when we stood at the gas station: in the car in front of us there was a gay couple ^__^ It was so funny and pleasant how cute they were together.
At home, I directly went to shower and my mom packed her things together ?she went visiting someone- and I was in such a hurry. I was drying my hair when my mom called me an tell my that in H?fingen ?that?s only a few Kilometers away from my hometown- a autobomp explode
At 15:40 o?clock my friends and I meet at the station in Stuttgart. We had to wait for Sira so we went to the next store to buy some cake ? because I had?nt any time to bake one.
Sarina-chan didn?t come. We wait an hour ?till the next train arrived, but she still wasn?t there. I was really sad about that because I was looking forward to see her, but? *sigh* Maybe I meet her this or next week or so?.
Nya~~ it was funny ^__^
We sung karaoke and after midnight I get my presents ^___^
Yami-chan and Seto-chan even drew pictures for me:
this is from Seto-chan,

this one from my dear yami-chan

After that we went outside to the old playground near the forest and the old tennis court, only a few minutes away from my home. We went there only with two candles and everybody wore its costume so we made a few pictures there ? I?m really strained whether the photos are good or not?.


Tuesday, 01. November:
We went to bed at 3 am ? I think. I don?t know exactly ^__^
We camped in the living room and slept only a few hours.
Befor breakfast we played a ?game?: everyone played an Anime-Character and I?m was the Interviewer. We build couples and I asked them questions to there relationship like: Who is seme, who is uke? or What kind of sex do you have? and stuff like this.
We have had late breakfast and after that whatched the first three Episodes from Tennis no Ojisama ^____^ (If I had the Seigaku-Uniform, ne, Yami-chan?.. *smile*)
At 1 pm we went to the bus station because they had to go ;_; It was raining a little bit but half the way to the station it stopped. It was really sad to let them go?. *sniff* But I knew that I would see them again on Thursday, so it wasn?t that bad.

Later that day Marlin and Maja went to visit me and much more later my father came ? only because of my little brother, who spent the night at my dad?s house ^__^


Wednesday, 02. November:
My little brother wake me up at 7 am!!!! I really want to kill him, I?ve only slept two hours >.< He?s going to an camping trip whit friends and wante me to help him pack his things. I swear, if I had?nt been so tired, I would have hurt him very, very bad. I mean, he could have asked my the day before to help him, why has it to be the last minute?!

I watched ?Wei? Kreuz Gl?hen? the whole day ^^
I really like ?Wei? Kreuz? ?my favourite couples Ran x Ken and Schuldig x Nagi- but the new Characterdesign they used in Gl?hen really is?. Nya~~~ I bet you know ^^;
It?s soooo annoying that Schwarz could only be seen in the last 4 Episodes >.<
But Nagi-kuns voice?. really hot!!! And he has soooo sad eyes?


Thursday, 03. November:
SSCT in Stuttgart ^____^
I went to Yami at Lunchtime so we had time to talk ^__^ She told me a little bit from her Japan-visit and showed me her Tennis no Ojisama-Doujinshi and two magazines with such hot w-inds.-pictures??
After that we got dressed and went down in the city to met the others. It was really funny, we went to the Chinagarden and made a few pictures. Andi and Milly were back from London and had a lot to tell and it was good weather (the day before it had rained all day?).
After the Chinagarden we walked down in the city again and visit ?Schlossgarten?. We sat there under the usual SSCT-tree, took a lot more pictures and had a great time.
After a little something to eat at MacDs I went home with Yami and we talked till nearly 11 pm ^^; We talked about Kaiba-chan?s christmastgift, and it was really amusing.
I came home at nearly one o?clock in the morning (woha, my mother was really pissed ^^ and was so dead, I could have slept the whol next day?. But I promised Elodie-chan to visit her?


Friday, 04. November:
Like I said: I visit Elodie-chan. We met at 11 am and walked to her home. She has a really great Wallscroll from Gackt in her room, I was nearly drooling all over?. ^^
We watched a few Episodes from D.N.Angel (its sooooo cute when Dark speaks German ^____^) and in the afternoon we and her little brother played Tales of Symphonia (or so?. don?t know the title exactly, I?m not used to games?.. ^^)


Saturday, 05. November:
Today I wanted to meet Seto-chan, but? She had no time and I felt a little bit ill?..
So I spend the day at home, reading and drawing (after I watched Gl?hen I really HAD to draw Nagi-kun?. and Ken-kun, too)?.

So, I guess, that?s all for today? there?s nothing more to say
Have a nice day ^___^
5.11.05 18:12

current mood: tired
momentary action: looking trough some photos
current song: ---
last seen on TV: Stargate SG 1
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こんばんは皆さん ^__^

Wow, it?s been a while since I wrote my last entry?. ^^
That?s all my mothers fault ? since she?s got her new boyfriend she?s always at the phone or the internet?. I?m lucky for her, but?. *sigh*

So, let me tell you ?in short? what happened the last weeks.
Hmm? okay, let?s start with Friday, 11. November?. My mothers friend Rita came to visit. I thought she would be gone Sunday night when I?m home from Dachau, but she told me (she looked so happy about that, I nearly screamed >.<), that she could stay till Monday or Tuesday ? it?s going to be hell!!!

The weekend 12./13. November:
At those days I went to the Yaoi and Yuri Convention in Dachau/Munich. It was great: all the people there with the same hobby so you could easily get in touch with others. I bought 4 yaoi-Mangas, the Full Metal Alchemist-Artbook (I wanted it since the AnimagiC!! I?m sooooo happy!! *squeal*) and a Jounjou Romantica-Card.
Only I was there over the night (Seto-chan and Hat went home ;_; ) and I shared my room with 3 other girls. It was nice and we had a funny time during breakfast because of some night activities?. *smirk*

Monday and Tuesday were really awfull.
Rita had a new hobby: making her own Soap. And of course she had to show it to my mother, so she madeSsoap over the weekend >.< The whole house smelled!!
I was really happy after she left ^__^ I always liked it to see her from behind.

The next days weren?t that interesting ? I catched a little cold and couldn?t do anything?

Saturday. 19. November:
I meet my friends in Stuttgart ? we just walked around, looked at the new Mangas and talked a lot. Elodie and Sira had to leave early because they went to cinema with another friend of them, so Seto-chan and I were alone ? but not long, because Seto went shopping with her mom and I joined them ^__^
After that we went to the Rice-Man (an chinese restaurant) and had a great dinner.

Sunday till Wednesday weren?t interesting again ? because I?ve got a fever.

Thursday, 24. November:
I went to the cinema with Marlin and watched (finally!!!) Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire!! But?. I didn?t like it that much? It was just? I don?t know? It was just not what I had expected.

Friday, 25. November:
It was an horrible day. My grandfather had an heartattack and my mother just jumped in the car and we drove to him to visit. I don?t know my grandfather this much, haven?t seen him since I was 7 or 8, so I didn?t feel anything?.

Saturday, 26. November:
I had I fight with my mother this morning. Because I didn?t want to come with her to visit grandpa. I mean, I really don?t know him, so what?! It?s just like a he?s a stranger to me?
I meet my friends in Stuttgart and we went to the Christmas Market. It was really nice, there were sooo much sweet things. I have to go there a few more times to look for Christmas Gifts for my family.

Sunday, 27. November:
My grandpa is really better now. So my mom stopped making all that fuss about him.

Monday, 28. November:
OH MY GOSH!!!! My mother?s new boyfriend came to visit!!
He?s really nice and a funny guy, too. And his voice!!! Unbelieveably ? it?s so deep, it gives me shivers down my spine.
I?m really happy for my mom.

Nya~~ I think that?s all important stuff I had to tell?.
So, sleep well =^_^=
30.11.05 23:25

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