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Willkommen!! Welcome!!

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Hello everyone ^__^

Woah, again it's sooo long ago I write something.
So lets get straight to the point! =^.^=

Yuki-Convention, 16.-18. December
It was really great!! My friend Julia came from Berlin and I met Sabi-chan and Sanna-chan and a lot of people I really miss. It's just to sad that Schuldig-chan couldn't come, too; I was really looking forward to see her again, since I haven't seen her since- oh my, was it really last year I did see her?!?
Anyway, like I said, it was great, although sometimes they were a little bit discoordinated and it closed earlyer at Sunday than they told us.
I really loved to see Julia-chan again but she didn't seem to be as happy as I was and that got me really down. I've had a long chat about that with Yami-chan...

23. December
Christmas-Shopping with Yami-chan!!! *squeal*
It was soooo funny! We spent much time looking for all the things we need for Julias Christmasgift and I even found something for my sisters godchild and my little brothers. And I although bought my mother the new Xavier Naidoo CD (I don't like him, but my mom love his songs).

24. December
Puh, it was really stressfull!! First, I had to go and buy new textil-color because without I couldn't finish Yami-chans and Seto-chans Christmasgifts. So I went to Stuttgart and it took quite a long time to get what I wanted.
After that I went to Maja and Marlin, because it's Maja's Birthday. So I spent a little while there, went home and had to help my mom a bit with the dinner before I went to the Church.
After the Church it was a little bit relaxing, till we were at the point of giving the presents. It was quite funny and I got lovely gifts: a new bed from my mom (because my old one is really old and my new one is a little bit bigger ^_^); two Mangas from my sister Tabea ("Skyscrapers of OZ" and "Hands off!"); money and a book from my dad and a little jewelrybox from Marlin. Oh, and not to forget the sweets and money from all the aunts and oncles.
After that I went to Marlin so we watched "Gremlins" together (I really love this movie. I have a little Gismore-Plushie, it's sooo cute).

25.-26. December
I was really lazy these days. My brother Daniels Birthday was at Sunday, so there were a lot of visitors here and I stayed out of trouble silent in my room. ^.~
And in the evening I went to Marlin, we ordered some Pizza and salad and watched "Sleepy Hollow" together. I really like Johnny Depp, I think I watched every movie he's in.
And Sunday was the birthday from my dear friend Anja, too. Happy Birthday!!

31. December
Wish you all a happy, happy new year!!!!
31.12.05 23:59

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