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Willkommen!! Welcome!!

current mood: ...okay...
momentary action: cooking
current song: all Naruto Opening and Endings
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Hoi everyone!!

Yesterday was my little brothers birthday ^__^
It was funny. Because only I and our two younger brothers were there we had a lot of time so I talked him into playing ďTruth or DareĒ. *evil grin* I think heís never going to play that game ever again.....

Nya~~ I donít know what to tell you... nothing interesting happens so... *sigh*
Maybe next time Iíve got more to tell!
3.3.06 12:58

current mood: ...okay...
momentary action: looking for new yaoi pictures... =^__^=
current song: all Naruto Opening and Endings
last seen on TV: Star Wars Episode 1
last read: Bleach Manga Vol. 1

Hi there ^_^

Nya~~~ again: long time not seen!! ^.^`

Yesterday I went to Yami-chan... we had to begin with her new Cosplay: Sasuke in this sexy Kimono.... *smile*
And Julia-chan came to visit, too. Sheís here from Berlin and itís soooo good to see her again... ^___^
Nya~~ I really should begin with my own Kimono... I want to wear it when we went to the Hanami in April... so Iíve not to mutch time for it.....

And I decided yesterday, that I'm going to make a Naruto-Cosplay, too. It's going to be Iruka ^___^ I really like him!! I hope I could finish it until July so I could wear it to the AnimagiC.... but first I think I've got to make Syrus (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX)... ^^
27.3.06 13:22

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