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Willkommen!! Welcome!!

current mood: like always, just okay
momentary action: updateing my homepage:
current song: Ouran High School Opening - Sakura Kiss
last seen on TV: CSI Miami
last read: Bleach Manga Vol. 2

Hi there, here I'am again.
The last weeks (better: the last month) I was very busy.

Sewing at my Cosplays (and tinker... although the Anbu-Mask became very very strange...) cost me much time and at home I had also quite much to do, so I doesn't have the time to write something. And in addition my mother cut me short times for the Internet again >.< But fortunately it's back to normal now!!

Puh, soccer world championship in Germany... nearly my whole family goes crazy because of that. It's not like I don't like soccer or so but sometimes they are acting so crazy that it's really embarrassing.
And Japan is out from the championship ;_; I really hoped they would last longer... maybe until the Quarter final.
Now I hope Germany's going to win against Argentina.
26.6.06 14:59

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