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Willkommen!! Welcome!!

current mood: tiered (and I don’t like the weather >.<)
momentary action: ignoring my stupid little brother #3 (Daniel)
current song: still Ouran High School Opening - Sakura Kiss
last seen on TV: CSI (nya~~ I love it!)
last read: don’t remember (have no time to read something)


Nya~~~ again I’m late writing an new entry. It’s sad, but in the last weeks nothing unusual happens, so I’ve nothing to tell you.
Besides, I have still lots of work to do for my AnimagiC-Cosplay (waaaahhhh ~~ I’ve only two weeks left!!!) and my stupid little brother #1 (Benny) constantly occupies the Computer because he plays “World of Warcraft”.

Oh, my mum had last week her final examination and is now more bearable... It was terrible the day before the examination, she was so nervous and in an bad mood.

Tomorrow, Seto-chan comes to visit me – we have to work at her Cosplay ^^ It’s going to be funny, we haven’t meet in a while.
And maybe I have the chance to go online tomorrow evening, so I have something interesting to write about.
13.7.06 17:14

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