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Willkommen!! Welcome!!

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Konnichiwa minna-san!!!

Gomen, itís been a while already -.-
So, now Iíve got a lot to tell you... but where to start??

First things first, I think...
I moved in with my Dad. I had a really big argument with my Mom two month ago and the result was, that I decided to move ^^
Itís better between my Mom and me since then, so I guess it was a really good decicion.
BUT... my Dad has no Internet... so I always have to go to the Internet-Cafe (which is to expensive for me to go there more than once a week for an hour) or beg my Mom to let me use her Computer (and I really donít like that at all because it always depens on her moods if Iím allowed or not....) *sigh*

Second.... Halloween and my birthday and going to Heidelberg ^__^
Actually, I didnít want to go to any Halloween-Party or something alike, but... We had a little get togehter with the fire-brigade and Sven asked me if I want to join him going to the Party held outside town. Since he said he wouldnít stay longer than two or three hours it was okay for me, but then we ended staying there Ďtil 5 oíclock in the morning.... And right after midnight some of them thought it would be good to sing a birthday-song for me... half of the guys were drunk so it was rather funny than annoying but I =^.^=
I only had a two-hours-sleep then I went visiting my Mom to get my present (since I didnít want to celebrate my birthday with my family she told me to come and get it or donít have one at all) and in the afternoon I met Seto-chan! I hadnít seen her for a while so we spent hours talking Ė it was fun, I missed it.
Two days later I went to visit Anna-chan together with Yami-chan. We spent the weekend in Heidelberg Ė it was really funny, we had a lot to talk about and made plans for future cosplays and so on. We went to the castle and I made a few photos (I was there once, but that was four years ago and back than I didnít take my camara with me -.-)

Third... is nothing really new...
Iím obsessed with Tennis no Oujisama.... really!! I started watching the series for the... uhm... sixth time I think.... I just canít get enought! AND then it happens... I found the link to download 3 of the Musicals!!!! I thought I might die right there!! Theyíre awsome!!! I loved them!!! I want the rest!!!
My favourite is ďDream Live 1stĒ Ė Iíve watched it four times already ^^;;;

FourthÖ Christmas and birthdays...
December 24 was Majas 4. birthday. She was all nervous and exited and always asking: ďwhat do I get as a present?Ē It was a short birthday-party, she was allowed to invite a few friends from kindergarten and it was really loud and funny to have the house full of children.
After her birthdayparty I went to my Momís house since we decided to spent the evening together and got our christmas presents after dinner. My sisters were there also and it was loud and annoying after a few hours but since something like that didnít happen often I managed to stay till 11 pm ^_^

Fifth... My little brotherís birthday...
...was yesterday =^.^=
My aunt and god-father from Altensteig came Ė I havenít seen them since... uhm... I think April or May... It was funny to meet them again, I really love my god-father, itís always a pleasure to chat with him (expecally after his fafourite soccer club lost the Game Ďsmile* it was so funny to tease him!)

Nya~~ tomorrow Iím going to meet Yami-chan!! I havenít seen her for a while so I think itís going to be fun! We have a lot to talk about!!

So... since I donít know when Iím able to be online again a think Iím wishing you all a
Happy New Year
right now....
Be sure to celebrate and enjoy it!!

See ya Ďround!
27.12.06 20:27

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