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Willkommen!! Welcome!!

Konnichiwa minna-san!!!

Even so I have access to the Internet on daily base, I still have no time writing anything *sigh*
Joseph finally moved in with Marlin and the had to re-arange the rooms so I was stuck babysitting Maja after Kindergarten and she was Ė as always Ė a lot of troubles.
And when I was online, I spent most of my time reading fanfictions (itís really incredible how time flys by when you read something!!) or I create Avatars and Signatures for an contest (even if Iím bad at doing so... itís funny and I love it).

Yesterday my youngest brother got burned at his arm. I didnít know what the hell he did at work, but he stopped by at his way home and showed the little red burn. He was all ďAwwwww, it huuuuurts!!Ē and my dad was like ďOh, poor kid!Ē and pampered him... Hell, I burn myself nearly every time I use the stove because Iím careless; sometimes I even burn myself at the iron but no-one ever pamperd me Ė not that I need to be pamperd, itís just the thought that matters...

My momís in the hospital since today. She has a surgery and told me to watch over the boys at home... I donít think they need to be watched over (hell, the youngest is 15 years old, for heavens sake!! Besides itís just tomorrowís lunch sheís concern about) but Iím going to be a good kid and do what she told me, since I donít want her going mad at me (again) once she notice Iím not dropping by...
I really hope she doesnít need to stay until Monday... That would really suck and ruin my Sunday which I planned on spending with Marlin and her family (they bought an garden half an hour away. Itís huuuuuge! And has a nice little garden-house... Itís perfect for Maja for playing around...)

Awww, you know what really sucks?! I didnít get the chance to met Mine-chan befor she went to Japan... really, thinking back Iím angry at myself for just been occupied so much that I didnít even find the time to meet her. Now sheís a whole year away!!!! *cry*

Well, I have to go make dinner...
See you soon!!
21.9.07 17:42

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