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Willkommen!! Welcome!!

Konnichi wa!

As you can see, I changed my layout.
It was the first time I worked with HTML so I had to try it again and again... At some point, I was ready to throw my computer out of the window because I was so frustrated... *sigh* It's still not perfect, but that's okay for me.
So, please let me know what you think about it!
20.10.07 17:39


Kyou Kara Maou!: Arigatou~ (Thank You~)
2nd Ending Song

Production: BON'z
Composition: IKKI
Arrangement: ha-j
Vocals: BON'z

"arigatou" wo kanade kanade tooku hanareta to shite mo...
kaze ni fukarenagara aruite ikikau hitogomi no naka de
yasashii kimi ni koko de deaeta ..."hanaretakunai yo"
sabishii yoru mo kimi ga ita ne yakusoku suru yo "TSUYOKU NARU KARA"
tsunaida kokoro wa hitotsu dakara bokutachi wa toberu n da
"arigatou" wo kanade kanade tooku hanareta to shite mo
"sayonara" to te wo futte mata koko de aimashou

hitotsu hitotsu kono omoi wo ima kanaeru koto ga dekitara
kitto tsuyoi boku ni nareru kara waratte kimi ni aeru yo
hitori hitori de mawaru sekai wa shinjiru koto sae kowaku naru kedo
ano hi kureta kimi no kotoba ga tobidatsu boku no hane ni naru kara
"arigatou" wo kanade kanade tsunagu te wa nai kedo
"arigatou" hibike hibike kono uta kimi e todoke

"arigatou" wo kanade kanade tooku hanareta to shite mo
"sayonara" to te wo futte mata koko de aimashou
"sayonara" to te wo futte mata koko de aimashou
...mata kimi ni aitai...

Playing "thank you" again and again, even though we're far apart...
Walking while blown by the wind, among the crowd that's coming and going
I met you here ..."I don't want to be parted"
Even in the lonely nights, you were here, I'll promise "because I will become strong"
Our joined hearts are one, so we can fly
Playing "thank you" again and again, even though we're far apart
Waving hands "goodbye", let's meet here again

One by one, if I could grant these thoughts right now
I would surely become a stronger me, and be able to meet you with a smile
One by one, even believing that the world revolves is scary
The words you said to me that day will become my wings as I fly
Playing "thank you" again and again, even though I'm not holding anyone's hand
Echoing "thank you" again and again, so that this song will reach you

Playing "thank you" again and again, even though we're far apart
Waving hands "goodbye", let's meet here again
Waving hands "goodbye", let's meet here again
...I want to meet you again...
20.10.07 17:50

current mood: tired
momentary action: Ensemble-Puzzle (yummi pictures...)
current song: Kato Kazuki... has to be “Soba ni Ite” right now...

There are things no-one should ever do. I broke a rule I set for myself today – I went clothes-shopping with my dad.
How I could be so stupid? That’s easy – he payed ^__^
Because my birthday is coming up, he asked me, what I want and stupid me said: new clothes. (because it’s getting freaking cold outside and I just realized that somehow I only have a handful of winter clothes... go figure...)
He said that’s fine with him, but we had to go today... We were at the shopping centre at 4pm and stayed 4 hours (until closing time). I don’t like shopping myself, but it’s even more annoying with him!! After an hour or so he started asking how long I would need to decied on the clothes; then he began pointing out clothes that were horrible and didn’t suite me (really, he never saw me wearing pink so why did he think I would want that ugly shirt?!).
After that I talked him into going to the electronics department in order to look for a new battery charger because my old one somehow got broken – he was back after ten minutes and started nagging me again...

Later, Marlin called to ask me if I could watch over Maja the next two days because she and Joseph have to clean out his apartment. I haven’t seen the little one for a while so I’m looking forward to it.

Oh, and Sven called too... asking, if I would go with him and Paddy to the Halloween-Party outside town this year again... not sure about that, though. I’m going to ask Andy who’s gonna come.

22.10.07 20:55

current mood: don’t know
momentary action: downloading some music
current song: whatever the radio’s playing

Okay, summary of the last two days:
I had to look after Maja on Tuseday and as much as I love the little brat, I could have killed her thousand times over. She throwed one temper-tantrum after another, it was so annoying. It started normal, I got her after Kindergarten and let her pick what she wanted for lunch, but then, after a few bites she wanted something else and I was presented to tantrum #01 because I said no.
After eating she wanted me to play with her, but I had to do the dishes first, which she didn’t appreciate at all and so got to hear tantrum #02.
We played for 5 or 10 minutes when she wanted to watch her new DVD (Barbie and Rapunzel ;_; ); was okay for me because I hoped that this way I could at least read another chapter of this Hunter x Hunter Fanfiction I printed out, but she kept nagging me to look at this and that and when I said I wasn’t interested and had better to do, I got tantrum #03.
In the middel of the DVD she decided to “play” with the cat: tugging her tail and ears, dragging her around the room – until Minky scratched her on the arms and she was crying and whining in my arms. I told her it was her fault, got the scratches cleand and heard tantrum #04 while doing so.
After she calmed down a little she wanted to draw. Preferable her beloved “Dora” or “Winx-Club”-Fairies. I said we could go to my place and look if we find something online to print out, which was fine by her, but no, she didn’t want to wear her jacket and it was f**king cold outside, so we got tantrum #05.
I got a few nice pictures for her to color and she was really obident and quiet for a few hours, then I had to draw a Fairy for her. I never actually draw a Fairy... or any other female before so it was quite the task. But I think I did fine, even got the time to color it... (if I ever manage to get my mothers scanner working again, I’m scanning it... *sigh* Maybe it would be easyer to buy me my own scanner...)
Tantrum #06 came as I told her, it’s time to tidy her room. She went on for nearly 15 minutes but in the end, she did it.
After that she watched “Sandmännchen” and I put her to bed – at least this time she didn’t say anything against it!!

And well, yesterday I planed on finally playing Diablo II again, because I still have to finish it. In the middel of me playing, Benny dropped by, looked at what I was doing and went like: “What?” You’re still playing that?!”
Me: “Well, unlike you I just play at one or two days each month for maybe 2 or 3 hours, that’s why I need a little longer... but just so you know – I try to defeat Diablo since July!!”
He: “And why don’t you beat him? What level has your Character?”
Me: “Because I’m just at level 29!!! Try beating him like that!!”
He: “WTF?! How did you get there at level 29?”
Me: “Well, I WAS there at level 27, so I try since July to level-up that stupid son of a bitch, but it takes to long and it’s plain boring right now!”
He: “Huh, have fun then, I guess you need at least level 35 do beath Diablo...”
Maybe I quit playing it after all... It’s going to take DAYS to reach level 35... Stupid game! Why are people able to get to the final battle at such a low level when they’re not strong enough to finish it?

I just realized that the last week I wrote more than ever before...
It’s not that I have more to tell you now, it’s just that I have the time to do so and no-one to always nagging me about staying online for so long and what else.
25.10.07 15:55

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