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Willkommen!! Welcome!!

Halloween & Birthday

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momentary action: _having breakfast *g*_
current song: _james blunt-All the lost souls (right now it’s song #05 Carry you home_

First of all: thanks to everyone’s congrats and whishes for my birthday!!
I’m rather busy right now and for the following days so please don’t take it personally if I don’t write you back right now.

Well, I wanted to spent it at home but decided to visit my Mom since my sister Tabea was there too. We watched an movie who was rather boring (hell, I don’t even remember the name) and just as we wanted to start with the second one, Sven came to pick me up – even though I told him I didn’t want to go out.
He convinced me to go with him and he would drive me home if I really wanted to go before the party ends... I ended up staying until 2 o’clock in the morning. It was nice and I suppose I got a little bit drunk... *shrug*

On my birthday morning I had to get up at 7 o’clock because my Mom wanted to come at 8. She’s going to visit her current boyfriend but wanted to congratulate me before, so I had to get up especially for her.
Later that day my aunt, Daniel, Jojo, Tabea, Marlin, Joseph and Maja came to visit. It was sooooo cute, Maja had just come into the room and started singing “Happy Birthday” but because she was so shy because off the many people, she sang really quiet and I could barely hear her. Then she announced that she would help me unwrap my presents (I couldn’t manage to unpack even one of them!) and was happily ripping the paper off.

2.11.07 08:01


current mood: _happy_
current song: _some Hunter x Hunter music_

Hi there!
Yesterday morning, I had breakfast/brunch with Marlin and Maja.
Marlin had a little surprise for me and called Friday, saying I had to come at 9 o’clock and stay at least until afternoon.
It was funny, she even blindfooled me (because Maja always said I would try to look if I’m not blindfooled). Surprise was, that she had manage to get a hold on the DVD “Labyrinth” with David Bowie!! I just love this movie! I watched it the first time when I was 4 or 5 years old and again when I was 13 – but then it was never broadcasted on TV again!! *sob*
I was looking for a DVD for years without luck; I was so happy, I could have died right there!

Isn't he hot?!
11.11.07 11:04


current mood: _artistic_
momentary action: _cooking dinner_
current song: _random prince of tennis songs (just now it’s Fuji Yuuta “Blood”)_

Yesterday, I spent the whole day drawing... no, just kidding! Though I spent a lot of time drawing two pictures for an contest on aarin.
And here they are:
Drawing #01

Drawing #02

It’s supposed to be Jonathan Rhys Meyers.
I spend nearly two hours for each drawing because I’m absolutly not used to draw living people. When it came to coloring I got lazy, that’s why it’s a bit sloppy...
19.11.07 11:48

weekend report

current mood: _tired_
momentary action: _having breakfast *g*_
current song: _whatever the radio’s playing_

Ohayo minna-san!

So, let me tell you about my weekend...

It all started Friday. My mom called me and said: “I’m leaving for the weekend, come here and keep an eye on your brothers!” I was like: “WTF?!” but as mannered as I am, I just asked why I should do that, they’re old enough to be alone for two and a half days (for heavens sake, Benny is 22 yrs old, he should be abel to watch over two teens who would spend the days playing stupid computer games and watching gorey DVDs). She said, that I have to come (because I’ve nothing to do other than “those stupid anime and manga stuff” - as if she new; I could have had a date or whatever...) to keep an eye mostly at Daniel who would use every opurtunity to sneak out with his friend and go drinking and partying and he’s grounded.
Never one to disobey my mom (*cough*) I said I would be there in half an hour.
Surprise, surprise I was right on time and she gave me –as always– a few instructions: #1 go shopping because she didn’t had the time to do so and cupboards and fridge are nearly empty; #2 studying with Daniel because he has some Math- and English-Test this week; #3 clean the aquarium together with Jojo; #4 ironing because she didn’t had the time to do so; #5 doing the laundry because she didn’t had the time for it – no wonder she had no time for anything if she’s always so lovey-dovey with her boyfriend!!
At least she allowed me to use her computer!
After she left I went shopping – it was hell! I was loaded with bags and using the bus... Never again will I do something like that!

Saturday was okay... I did everything I should in the morning; kicked Dannys ass because I was lazy and didn’t want to study and spent the rest of the day watching Star Trek to keep Jojo amused @.@
Oh, and not to forget Danny tried to sneak out two times but I guess he’s just to stupid to do it right... *grin* Kicked his ass for it, again and threatened to tie him to the next chair if he doesn’t stop his stupidy. I mean, how stupid must he be to not be able to sneak out, even I managed to do it once or twice when I was his age (yeah, yeah, sometimes I was really rebellious) and my mother just hears ANYTHING!

Sunday started really nice. I’m usually up at 8 o’clock at the weekends but since I sayed up until early mornings I slept in... and Benny even made breakfast instead of wakeing me to do it. The rest of the day was lazy; I just stayed until my Mom came back and went home to find out that my Dad was somewhere else – so I decided to take a loooooong bath. I used the floating Hello Kitty soap I got for my birthday from Marlin (it’s better than a yellow rubber duck *g*); it’s so cute.

26.11.07 08:40

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