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christmas shopping

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momentary action: _writing mails_
current song: _james blunt-Back to Bedlam (right now itís song #03 Wise Man)_

Yesterday, I went shopping with Marlin. She wanted to buy Majas birthday and christmas present.
So, we went to Leonberg, just to discover that thereís no bus driving in the direction of ROFU so we had to walk Ė no problem, we just needed nearly 45 minutes and it wasnít raining at the moment.
We nearly spent an hour there; we just couldnít decide what to buy. And since Inga said, she canít buy Majas gift herself, we had to look for it too. In the end, we both had two heavy bags full of things and had to walk again Ė this time in the rain... *sigh* We stopped at the Video-&-DVD-rental and choosed two DVDs (I forgot the titles... one of it had something to do with sheeps in New Zealand...), then we went to the supermarket because we needed to get the ingredients for the cookie dough.
We spent the whole afternoon to bake all kind of cookies.
Later we wanted to watch the DVDs, but we were both death tired and Marlin was supposed to go with her Mom, Chris and Maja to the Leonberger christmas market, so we decieded to watch it today
Before I went home I visited my Mom since she has to drive me to my job interview tomorrow and I just wanted to get the details clear.
Spent two hours there just because we got caught up in talking about christmas and stuff. At least I know now what to get for everyone.
2.12.07 11:45


We watched the DVDs yesterday...
First was ďNextĒ with Nicolas Cage (because Maja was still awake we had to start with something suitable for her). It was interesting... we really thought that this is what would happen and when the bomb exploded we were like ďWhat an unusual ending for an Hollywood-Movie... well, we were wrong

The other movie we rented was ďBlack SheepĒ. It was... strange... really strange. Not the fact that weíre talking about sheep who turned into bloodthirsty monsters but that every human they bite turns into a... well, kind of sheep. An enormous sheep, taller than humans and walking on two legs instead of four... Marlin and my first reaction: ďWHAT SHIT DID THEY SMOKE WHILE WRITING THIS SKRIPT??Ē
And they should give out a warning on the cover that it contains implied Sex with sheep... at least this bad guy was this way into sheep... why else would he run around in his office with this new created sheep of his without trousers...?!
I do like gorey movies but this one... there were a few scenes where I felt really ill just looking at it... *shudder*
Well, itís not a movie Iím gonna watch again, thatís for sure!
(for a better summary of Black Sheep check the wikipedia article)
3.12.07 09:22


current mood: _tired_
current song: _nothing, my Dad is watching TV_

Waaaah, Iím so dead! My feets are killing me... running around for nearly the whole day just sucks.
I woke up at 6 am (thanks Dad >.<) and couldnít go back to sleep...
Then I got all nervous because of my job interview and my Mom called to tell me weíre leaving earlier because of some accident on the highway - so I had to go without something to eat!! And stupid little me didn't even think about making a sandwich or something alike. The interview went smoothly... I guess. Now I just have to wait until next week.
After my interview we had to go to Stuttgart because my Mom had a meeting there and we wanted to go to the christmas market afterwards. I had to wait 2 hours for this meeting to finish and was bored to death.
The christmas market was the same as every year. I wish it would have snow... the feeling and atmosphere is just better with snow. At least it didn't rain anymore.
Oh, and my Mom bought me and Hello Kitty Marshmallow Pop!! (is it just me or do I sound like a little kid here?! o.O) She wanted to buy some sweets for my brothers and asked what I wanted and I said the Hello Kitty over there Ė and I didnít mean it! I love Hello Kitty but itís just to expecive. And I thought she knew I meant it as an joke but she bought it for me anyway! I canít even eat it... I mean, itís this cute little kitty, you canít eat something like this... Itís the same with Lebkuchenherzen (donít ask me to translate that!! As far as I know there is no english word for Lebkuchenherzen...): you just look at it!
3.12.07 23:15

odd pairings

current mood: _confused_
momentary action: _reading fanfiction_
current song: _james blunt-all the lost souls (right now itís song #03 Iíll take everything) Ė I swear, I just LOVE his songs and his voice..._

Tuesday was my Dadís birthday and we had a lot of people dropping by; I was so busy preparing anything over the day and playing host that after the last guest went home I fell asleep instantly.

Yesterday I was lazy as hell and didnít get much done. Though I nearly finished writing another Chapter for my ďFirst Times TroublesĒ-Fanfiction (which I still have to post here, but I do that when I finished the complete fanfiction).

Well, today I came across an Sasuke/Iruka-Fanfiction Ė and I just HAD to read it! Iíve never come across this pairing before; I canít even imagine why people would pair the two of them together. I understand why Kakashi and Sasuke or Iruka and Naruto, but Sasuke/Iruka is just a mystery to me.
So, to satisfy my curiosity, I read the whole Fanfiction (27 Chapters... LONG Chapters). It was nice. Sometimes a little bit to kinky for my liking, but nevertheless, nice.
If you want to read it, follow the link
Oh, and itís AU by the way...

There are a lot of pairings I donít quite understand who people would come to think of getting them together. Not just Sasuke/Iruka (just to stay in the Naruto-Fandom) but how about Gaara and Kiba? Iím not saying itís bad or something (Iíve read quite a few good Gaara/Kiba-fics), but I just donít understand why! There is not the slightest hinting in the series that there could be something more going on between them (unlike our oh-so-favorite Sasu/Naru / Naru/Sasu). Or am I just to blind to see it?? I doubt that, though...
6.12.07 19:29

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