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Willkommen!! Welcome!!

current mood: tired
momentary action: download Naruto OVA (totally slowly)
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today was great!!

I'd loved to see Marik-chan again after we hadn't seen us for more than two month!!

first of all we went directly into the nearest McDonald's cause we both hadn't had anything eaten... (hey, that's important!! you can't talk that much like we did it with a hole in your belly)
then we went to the next bookshop, looking out for new mangas.... but we didn't find the thinks we're searching for.... after that we decided to go to "Galeria Kaufhof" to look for her Cho-Cosplay-Skirt she needed but didn't find something... typicall!! Everytime you need something you didn't find it.... and when you're not looking out for it there it is... *sigh*

she showed me where she studied - there's a great view from the Library, i think i couldn't learn anything there cause of the view. we had to walk uphill in the very, very hot sun without any shadows but that view was worth it!
and the student dwelling she lives is very nice (many anime-posters and wallscrolls, a big poster from the japan touristics with two children in traditional clothes, and a few photos with friends). I liked her room!

no wonder that I'm exhausted after that day!!

But I loved it - hope to replay it soon!!
3.6.05 21:37

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