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Tuesday was my Dadís birthday and we had a lot of people dropping by; I was so busy preparing anything over the day and playing host that after the last guest went home I fell asleep instantly.

Yesterday I was lazy as hell and didnít get much done. Though I nearly finished writing another Chapter for my ďFirst Times TroublesĒ-Fanfiction (which I still have to post here, but I do that when I finished the complete fanfiction).

Well, today I came across an Sasuke/Iruka-Fanfiction Ė and I just HAD to read it! Iíve never come across this pairing before; I canít even imagine why people would pair the two of them together. I understand why Kakashi and Sasuke or Iruka and Naruto, but Sasuke/Iruka is just a mystery to me.
So, to satisfy my curiosity, I read the whole Fanfiction (27 Chapters... LONG Chapters). It was nice. Sometimes a little bit to kinky for my liking, but nevertheless, nice.
If you want to read it, follow the link
Oh, and itís AU by the way...

There are a lot of pairings I donít quite understand who people would come to think of getting them together. Not just Sasuke/Iruka (just to stay in the Naruto-Fandom) but how about Gaara and Kiba? Iím not saying itís bad or something (Iíve read quite a few good Gaara/Kiba-fics), but I just donít understand why! There is not the slightest hinting in the series that there could be something more going on between them (unlike our oh-so-favorite Sasu/Naru / Naru/Sasu). Or am I just to blind to see it?? I doubt that, though...
6.12.07 19:29

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