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Willkommen!! Welcome!!

Talk about the last days...

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...letís start with Friday. I went to my Momís place because my stupid DVD-player is broken and not fixed jet, and I had the urge to watch the Death Note movies... Since my brother used the computer she watched with me Ė it was funny, she only knows a few english words so I had simultaneously to translate everything for her. We only watched the first movie because it was late and I had to get up early the other day.

Well, Saturday I went to the Yuki-Con in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen. I went to met Seto-chan!! Havenít seen her since... I guess it was March or April. We didnít do cosplay. We talked about it before but I felt kinda lazy and didnít even finish my cosplay and she had school before the convention and so on... so we just went there as ourself.
The Yuki-Con is a small convention, but itís nice that way, you got more time to get to know new people and you can watch the shows in the main-hall and whatever else. Everytime I went to bigger conventions itís hard to finde time to talk to people or go watch a show, because there are so much things to look through and buy (if you have the money, that is; itís always so expensive).
Back to the Yuki-Con: I watched the Kendo-Show (inadvertently; I wanted to watch the cosplay competition but got the wrong time Ė and I found out later that it was canceled because of lack of people or whatever else reason they had) which was interesting.
Oh, when I was waiting for Seto to come I met Jaunty. And later, we saw her again and decided to drag her along... we went to watch the first two episodes of Tales of Symphonia together.
Things I bought:
- three very cute Prince of Tennis pins

- a Shikamaru phone-strap

- Hunter x Hunter pencilboard (and yes, I just bought that because it has Kuroro and Kurapica together on it (Killua and Gon on the other side)
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
And I got that Yorozu-Ya Tokaido Honpo pencilboard from Seto! She bought it as a christmas gift for her friend or cousin (Iím not sure about that... but I guess it was her cousin because she wanted the last xxxHoliC episodes for her friend) and showed it to me and I was going like ďawwwww, how cute!! Itís shame that there are only a few people knowing about this manga!! I love it!Ē Ė and so I got it as a late birthday-gift!
Free Image Hosting at

Sunday there was the christmas party of the fire-brigade. I had to attend because my Dad promised me hell if I didnít. It was pretty boring; at least Sven was there too.

Monday I went to Marlin. I promised her helping with this christmas gift for her fiance. She want to give him a few black and white photos of her in this cute frame she got. And since she canít photograph herself, I have to do it. It was pretty funny looking for a sexy pose for the nude one. After that we went to pick up Maja from Kindergarten and had lunch together.

Tuesday I did nothing. No, really, I was lazy as hell and just read a few fanfictions and then went to my Mom to watch the second Death Note film (and I forgot to take tissues with me for the end because I still start crying when L dies... *sniff* yeah, yeah, I know what youíre all thinking but bite me!)

Yesterday I went with my Mom to Stuttgart and after that meeting of hers we went to eat at Rice Mans. I really love it there! And after that we met Seto! We spent a lot of time walking the christmas market and then went into a few shops to look for christmas gifts. Mom was looking for a gift for her boyfriend; Seto was looking for something for her Mom... only I didnít have to look for anything because Iíve already anything I need.

And today... Oh well, lets just say it was another lazy day... I had to make a few calls because of my job interview tomorrow but the rest of the day I spent reading fanfiction. And I have to admitt... I was reading South Park Fanfictions. I donít even like South Park. I only endet up reading this one fanfiction Jaunty had an link to on her animexx-profile... and after I finished this one, I ended up reading the next one... and then the next one... But they were really well written so I just couldnít stop reading.
And maybe it's because I've read all of the good fanfics concerning my favourite parings...

13.12.07 18:39

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