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Willkommen!! Welcome!!

special days

Merry Christmas

I’ll hope all of you have wonderful Christmas days with your families.

The last week was... stressful.
Marlin and Joseph decided to recondition their living room so I had to look after Maja – except on Wednesday; that day I spent with my Mom and her friends Renate and Gabi because we had to bake cookies for Christmas.

Yesterday we had Christmas dinner at my Moms place. Since my sisters couldn't come it was one of the quietest Christmas Eves ever!! But today they are here... and Tabea is really bitchy. My grandmother and Erich were here, too. It's been quite a while since I last saw them. And my mothers new boyfriend came an hour ago. He's staying until Friday or so... and then my Mom is going with him to spent Silvester and New Year at his place.

Oh, and my Dad is ill. He caught a cold with high fever.
25.12.07 17:40

Halloween & Birthday

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First of all: thanks to everyone’s congrats and whishes for my birthday!!
I’m rather busy right now and for the following days so please don’t take it personally if I don’t write you back right now.

Well, I wanted to spent it at home but decided to visit my Mom since my sister Tabea was there too. We watched an movie who was rather boring (hell, I don’t even remember the name) and just as we wanted to start with the second one, Sven came to pick me up – even though I told him I didn’t want to go out.
He convinced me to go with him and he would drive me home if I really wanted to go before the party ends... I ended up staying until 2 o’clock in the morning. It was nice and I suppose I got a little bit drunk... *shrug*

On my birthday morning I had to get up at 7 o’clock because my Mom wanted to come at 8. She’s going to visit her current boyfriend but wanted to congratulate me before, so I had to get up especially for her.
Later that day my aunt, Daniel, Jojo, Tabea, Marlin, Joseph and Maja came to visit. It was sooooo cute, Maja had just come into the room and started singing “Happy Birthday” but because she was so shy because off the many people, she sang really quiet and I could barely hear her. Then she announced that she would help me unwrap my presents (I couldn’t manage to unpack even one of them!) and was happily ripping the paper off.

2.11.07 08:01

AnimagiC 2006

Friday, 28.07.06:
The travel was merry. Falling, her friend Thoni, Seto, Yami and I met rather early at the main station in Stuttgart to catch our train to Bonn. We were still a little tired but nevertheless we used the time to write a few Con-Hon-entries so we didn’t have to think about them during the convention.
After we arrived at Bonn, Falling and Thoni had to look for their train because they had a hotel further away. Seto, Yami and I then drove to our hotel. We had a room on the fourth floor – and there was no elevator and our suit-cases were already quite heavy!
Nya~~~ after making ourselves at home we went directly to the hall to get our tickets. As soon as the hall was open we went directly to the shopping area so we could get to good stuff.
We spend most of the time outside under “our” tree, because it was simply too hot inside (despite they said the hall were fully air-conditioned!)

Saturday, 29.07.06:
After breakfast we dressed in our Cosplay an went directly to the Beethoven-hall. There, we made –as usual- photos, wrote Con-Hon-entries, went buying new Yaoi-Stuff… and sang Karaoke!! *smile* We went quite early back to the hotel because we had to change for the “The GAZETTE”-concert!
And it was absolutely great!! Aoi was so close and it was unbelievable!! And Reita was also… and the atmosphere was wonderful… and actually I’m missing words to describe the concert – except: what a shame that we had only tickets for Saturday!! It would have been great to watch the show again…

Sunday, 30.07.06:
Nya~~ although we were rather tired we somehow manage to get up early so we had no stress with shower, packing our suit-cases, leaving the hotel and still making it in time to watch the Prince of Tennis Movie.
Unfortunately we had to go around 3:00 pm because we only had the cheap ticket to drove home…. ;_;
Just as we leave it started to rain and we all get wet. But it was funny to watch the Naruto-Cosplayer running to the hall to escape the rain.

RESULT: even if there’s more space and –yes, we had noticed that– there were a few areas that were fully air-conditioned, the atmosphere and everything else was simply better in Koblenz…. So, we want to go back to Koblenz next year!!

Oh, Sarina had birthday on Sunday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
1.8.06 21:02

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Hi there, here I'am again.
The last weeks (better: the last month) I was very busy.

Sewing at my Cosplays (and tinker... although the Anbu-Mask became very very strange...) cost me much time and at home I had also quite much to do, so I doesn't have the time to write something. And in addition my mother cut me short times for the Internet again >.< But fortunately it's back to normal now!!

Puh, soccer world championship in Germany... nearly my whole family goes crazy because of that. It's not like I don't like soccer or so but sometimes they are acting so crazy that it's really embarrassing.
And Japan is out from the championship ;_; I really hoped they would last longer... maybe until the Quarter final.
Now I hope Germany's going to win against Argentina.
26.6.06 14:59

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